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A few Ways To Make Money With This system; Here are some options:


  • You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the scripts. (HUGE PROFITS HERE FOLKS)  Here's everything for that:  click here


  • You can sell the Products/Scripts/Templates/& MORE  individually (like on Ebay, Stormpay or other auction sites, or on your own website)- many ready made websites included.


  • You can split the scripts or products into different related groups to create and sell special interest  packages


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Getting Started:

If you are in a hurry to make fast money, click this Easy Start Method an you can start getting cash within the next 90 minutes! 


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YOU earn a whopping $77.00 /Subscriber, EVERY SINGLE MONTH AUTOMATICALLY.  Cash is instantly deposited into your PayPal account for as long as they remain an active traffic subscriber of eztrafficmoney.  This is the HOTTEST & FASTEST MONEY MAKER ONLINE! 


Please do not spam.  It will only hurt you if you do.


It's as simple as clicking your mouse!

To Access The Amazing 3 Step Software System, complete with traffic, Click Here

Step 1.  Download Your Copy Of The Software  Click Here Be sure to follow the instructions included in the download


Make good money online using this brandable  software  that you can brand with YOUR Own Paypal Info  and offer as free download from your website, or e-mail lists and newsletter subscribers, etc. Invite people to simply download this software and learn about how giving away free software can pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in recurring monthly income. 

Click Here to Accept only Paypal as Payment

Step 2:  Brand (Customize) Your Copy Using The Special Branding Webpage We've Included In This Package For You.    As soon as you've branded it to include your Paypal email address in the order button, you will receive instant cash when ever someone joins form the free download you gave away.  Remember, you're paid $29.95.00 every single month from here on, for each of your sign ups, as long as they remain active.  In other words, if you sign up 10 people this month ($299.50, and next month you sign up another 10, you'll have built up to $599 in profits by the 2nd month.  You'll keep earning, even after you stop giving away free downloads.


  Step 3:  Give away the free download.  Simply distribute via your website, email, ebay, or using the amazingly powerful AutopilotTraffic software we've included.  When you use the traffic software we've given you, (below...)  you will quickly generate thousands if not millions of visitors to your offer.  (no spam allowed!!)  People will download the copy and be just as impressed as you were and will sign up.  As soon as they sign up, you've just captured $29.95 and that person will automatically pay you $29.95 each and every month from now on as long as they are active.  And they remain with us because of our "Endless Supply Of Hot New Reseller Information Products"  which we upload each month right here on this site.  Every product we upload each month include the top reseller packages and professional marketing kits DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU MONEY!

Then get ready for email and/or phone alerts notifying you that cash has been sent to you instantly and is ready for you to withdraw at any ATM (whenever you want to withdraw)


This is a fun part! Now that you've set up your new web site,  and are actively using  the ad blasting tools and emailers above, now you can  set up the "phone alerts" which we mentioned earlier. All you need to do is have the email that is sent to you from PayPal forwarded to your cell phone! That way, you know when you've gotten paid!! Because there are so many cellphone companies and each varies in their specific instructions as to how to do this, you will need to check your cellphone's instructions for "SMS" or "text messaging", and you'll be ready for a 'beeping business!!"

How To Withdraw Your Money From Anywhere In The World Using Click2Work:

Please apply for the PayPal debit card- this is how you'll be able to take out money from ATM's around the world. Furthermore, they offer you a return on the money you have with them. Get this too. Also, get the 1% cash back. Every little bit counts, and if you're going to have thousands of dollars in your account, it might as well gain interest.  Also, it is best to use the  Paypal version of the downloadable website to collect payments from your customers.

By the way- Always consult your tax advisor when gaining an income that isn't normally reported to the authorities.



Products/Scripts/Templates/& MORE

Many of these products/services below cannot be sold for under certain amounts if sold by themselves. Please make sure to check the various member centers for that.

Also, most of the products come with the website files but the files need to be uploaded to your website.

The owner of this download site is not responsible for your website setups unless setup is ordered.


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